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Old Macdonald had a farm

October 30, 2009

puppypuppy 3

I love animals so much. Yesterday I came home to my parents in Joburg. I was so happy to see my two dogs and they were so happy to see me. Life without pets just isn’t as awesome. I found this little puppy at Le Chatelaine in Fish Hoek too. He’s quite big and he was only R30. Lucky me. He doesn’t run or bark or rub his nose on me, but at least I can look at him while I’m in Cape Town. I’ve named him Jaco Schalwyk, after Jaco Schalwyk from a hilaroius and slightly hectic video I watched the other day.


Le Chatelaine

October 26, 2009

I found a new bow brooch for my collection of bows. It comes from a shop called Le Chatelaine on Main Road in Fish Hoek. My friend Ash took me there and we found a few nice things. I think this was my best find though. It’s a pretty nice little shop. The clothes were okay, but the pictures and ornaments were awesome.

brooch 1

brooch 2

Are you a nurse or a schoolgirl or are you dressed up as Alice in Wonderland? I can’t tell.

October 20, 2009

I got this little dress at the Salvation Army in Mowbray, Cape Town, for R10. It needed a bit of shortening, which I may have done quite badly, but I still love it lots. It looks like I’m a bit of a nurseschoolgirlaliceinwonderland. I haven’t found cool stuff there in a little while, but every now and then I find some gems. It’s on Main Road just passed the Lower Campus of UCT.


Too cute to be allowed

October 19, 2009

DSC_5459 DSC_5462

I got this little bread tin at Deer Hunter in Joburg. These golden retrievers are so beautiful that I don’t even want to eat the bread that’s inside them.

San Francisco Music Box

October 13, 2009

About 2 years ago my mom went to San Francisco. She came back with this music box for me from the San Francisco Music Box Company. Apparently the company works with artists worldwide to create one-of-a-kind musical treasures and there are over a 1000 different types-with loads and loads of different songs. Wow. I would love to go there. Mine is the pill box/ mini jewellery box kind. It plays Unchained Melody when you wind it up. I think it was chosen well:)


mb 2

Edward Monkton

October 13, 2009





I bought myself an Edward Monkton book the other day. I decided it was present time. I really like his combination of simple illustration and writing. I bought another book of his called ‘A Lovely Love Story’ for a friend of mine’s birthday. It’s about dinosaurs and it’s also terrific. My favourite is the potato page. Ok, I’m going to go and look for the underpants of love now. Bye x

Your key

October 13, 2009



I have been looking for a key necklace forever. Finally I found one! I thought this could be a really nice project. Looking for antique keys and making them into necklaces for people. I’ll post any exciting key finds and you can tell me if you’re interested. Or, you could put your sif house key around your neck. If you’re anything like me, that could turn out to be pretty useful.